Daily Horoscopes For September 1, 2014


You would benefit if you plan to make long term investments. Old contacts would get renewed and pending problems get sorted out. Friend or spiritual person brings solace and plenty of useful advice. Good time to settle out the disputes and to twist the things in a better way.


Romance, love and tender thoughts flow from your partner adding a glow to your life. Fruitful journey will be undertaken. Purchase of essential items for the living room keeps you busy in the evening. Artistic souls flourish and prosper.


Be open and honest in your communication with your beloved. Work pressure seems to subside with the help of your subordinates and colleagues. A lost contact may be revived in the evening while attending a social gathering. Money position improves later in the day.


Pressures at work affect your harmonious nature. Co-workers and subordinates extend support. Overseas news and offers for some. Social gathering might not be as exciting as expected. You should spend some time for recreational activities. Do not get carried away with dubious financial schemes.


Pending issues will cloud your mind. Your diplomacy and tact would be of immense importance today. An evening with friends would turn out to be much better than you thought. At work be inquisitive of what happens behind your back. Social event would help improve your reputation.


Try not to say something that you might regret later. You need to keep your emotions under control when discussing sensitive topics. Blessings of some saintly or a highly influential person will give a big boost to the life. Do not spend time on daydreaming rather put in appropriate effort


Make efforts to meet old friends and contacts. A lady friend would be a source of immense happiness. Your financial position will improve and you will spend a lot on luxuries. Do not let children take advantage of your generous nature. Take care of your jewellery and important documents.


Aspirations and desires will muddle your mind and confuse simple issues. Make your own decisions and you would reap benefits. Travel likely to improve your business contacts. You are most likely to make some extra money from overtime or speculation.


Good news for some from overseas. Gifts and gains at workplace. You should finish pending jobs before taking new assignments. Your artistic and creative ability would attract lot of appreciation. Meditation and self-realization will prove to be beneficial.


Great day to upgrade your skill and learn new techniques. Your dedication and hard work would get noticed and would bring some financial rewards for you today. Fickle attitude of friends and colleagues might upset you. Things might improve on your emotional front.


Social event would be essential to build new ties. Financial hassles seem to get over as your parents extend support. Investment in stocks would not be as lucrative as it appears. Your interest to read would make you pick up some good books and magazines.


New ventures are on the anvil. You might not be able to handle emotional situation too well. Before travelling make sure you are not forgetting relevant papers and files. A friend will be a source of immense happiness. Children will offer joy and lot of interesting ideas.